Dremio Cloud x Support Options issue


One of our clients that utilizes Dremio Enterprise have plans to migrate to Dremio Cloud in the near future and has started testing the environment (Started connecting data sources and executing queries for testing).

One thing that has occurred is that he has a specific table that he has to read (.parquet file inside s3 bucket) that has a column too big - considering the default values - and the problem was solved on Dremio Enterprised by changing a support key.

Is it possible to change this configurations inside Dremio Cloud for a specific organization? If not would there be another way to read this table / data inside Dremio Cloud?


Support Key Changed inside Dremio Enterprise for AWS:

@Mauricio_Macri Support keys are not exposed in the Dremio Cloud console - Our support teams can set them for you though. If you send me the client’s org ID in a direct message, we can look into updating this for you.