How can I connect to elasticsearch through an ssh tunnel?

I have setup an ssh tunnel. I know it’s working because I can get results from my elasticsearch cluster via browser.

How can I connect to this through dremio? I tried fudging around with the Java connection settings ( with no success. I keep getting the same “Unable to get host lists from any host seed.” error.

This configuration is not quite supported by Dremio: when connecting to an elastic server, Dremio will fetch the list of the servers comprising the cluster and try to directly connect to each of them to parallelize processing as much as possible.

I would advise checking Elastic settings regarding network configuration at settings like {{network.publish_host}} and {{http.publish_host}} may help you advertise how to connect to the cluster through your proxy.

@laurent does anything in 1.2 help @Chris_Tinnon on this subject?

Hi @Chris_Tinnon,

Can you try enabling “Query whitelisted hosts only” under “Advanced Options” and under “Connection Options” enable “SSL enabled connecting to Elasticsearch cluster” and see if you are able to add?

Kindly let me know


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