Unable to get host lists from any host seed

Hi there,

I’m having this error when connecting to an Elasticsearch cluster.: Unable to get host lists from any host seed.
I have found nothing on google.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance

This topic maybe will be helpful: Unable to connect to Elastic Cloud Cluster

Dremio, by now, can not connect to a cluster from outside his private network.

Found the issue. Some nodes at our cluster have http disabled and this setting is missing causing a NullExceptipn.
Working on a fix. I’ll create a pull request after.

Ops, Error:(20, 31) java: package com.dremio.common.types does not exist

Hi @gbrian,

We should have a new feature out in an upcoming release that allows users to “whitelist” elastic nodes and only have Dremio access those nodes. This will allow you to work with your cluster as well as resolve the issue with Elastic cloud!


Great @rohan!
BTW any ide about this

I’d like to be abel to build code myself.
Thanks in advance

This package should exist: https://github.com/dremio/dremio-oss/tree/master/sabot/logical/src/main/java/com/dremio/common/types
Are you trying to build in IDE?

Argh, my fault! What’s missing is: com.dremio.common.types.TypeProtos
Just trying to follow “build” instructions, got this error when running mvn

Did you install protobuf?

Protobuf 2.5 (using Homebrew: brew install protobuf250 && brew link protobuf250 --force)

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