How do we check if cache is used or not


How can we check if a query was executed using the cache or not. I can tell that the cache is enabled for the source but i am not sure if the cache is being used when i run the query over and over.

I tried to repeat the same with the cache disabled as well and i get the same experience.


Open up one of the profiles you think should be using the cache.

Go to one of the Parquet row group scan operators. There will be section called “Operator Metrics” and under that, information about the cache hits and misses. (In the below screenshot, you don’t see any because I am simply accessing a file on my local filesystem)

Thanks Ben for the details. I am able to see the details. It is clear that the cache is not being used. I have run the same query multiple times but still it shows as 0 cached. I can tell that the data source settings has cache option enabled.

What else should i be checking to make data cache.

Can you attach the query profile? (14.8 KB)


For some reason your profile is not rendering, When you open the Scan and open operator metrics, do you see 0 or empty for Cache hits? also is Cache misses empty ?

If both columns are empty, we probably need to validate your configuration


Thanks Balaji. Yes both the values are empty or zero.


If both values are empty then please review your C3 configuration, documentation below


Also note that you must have the “Enable asynchronous access when possible” option checked on the source for which you want the caching.