How to add AWS Athena as external source in dremio

Hi dremio admin,

my current dremio version is v.19x:

As I got a task to automatically fetch the data from Athena source to dremio lakehouse.

May I know how to add AWS Athena as external source in dremio, many thanks in advance.


any update? which version will support this? thanks~

Hi Jenny,

AWS Athena reads the data from AWS Glue, Dremio connects directly to Glue, so you can bypass Athena, which is recommended: AWS Glue Data Catalog | Dremio Documentation

If you really want to connect to Athena instead, looks like there is a 3rd party solution out there, a JDBC connector by Cdata, which will be way slower than connecting to Glue: Connect to Amazon Athena Data in as an External Source in Dremio

Thanks, Bogdan