AWS Athea Support

Hi , is there any plan to support AWS Athena as they already have JDBC driver available. What is the minimum requirement to work with Dremio. As AWS Athena is a query only will this work with Dremio ?



Thanks for your feedback. We are watching to assess interest in Athena as a source and will consider your interest. You are not alone. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, you can query your data in S3 using Dremio. If you have feedback on features for this that would be great to hear.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks . Looks forward to it. I would appreciate if general JDBC connection / source is supported , rather than waiting for each and every known DB needs to be individually supported


I’ve recently started using Dremio and I’d like to use it with Athena. Has this feature been implemented?

I just built a sample one (Beta)