How to change order for columns from UI

Hi guys, I’m trying to figure out is it possible to setup how I see data from my views through “Reflection”? For example, If I want to see all data (select * from “table_name”) but want to see in first column ID, -> is it any chance through Reflection to setup the columns order the way, so every time ID will be first column in dataset?


Reflections should not affect order of columns, you can run your select in any order you want and reflection if it matches will substitue

Instead of select * from <table_name>, you can drop a column from the UI that is not needed (will not drop from actual back end table) and that would expand the columns in the “*”, then you can manually add the column dropped , reorder columns in any way you like and save as VDS. Then you can do a “select * from VDS” which would give you the desired order and still query would be matched and accelerated