How to clean metadata in kubernate container

I have dremio running in azure Kubernate cluster ,how to clean MetaData in that case

ex: ```
dremio-admin clean -c

In  pods  if  i  hit  above  command  on  running  container 

Lock file to RocksDB is currently held by another process.  Stop other process before retrying.
Failed to complete cleanup.
org.rocksdb.RocksDBException: While lock file: /opt/dremio/data/db/catalog/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable

Hello @Vikash_Singh, you must stop the entire Dremio service (no running Dremio containers) before running the dremio-admin clean operation.

See our docs:

Yes,but if I stop container where should I hit admin clean command I can’t able to find in doc too

This will help guide you: