How to config zookeeper root path?

When I need to deploy two Dremio clusters, and the two Dremio clusters share a zookeeper cluster, I need to isolate the data of the two dremio clusters. Therefore, I need to use a different zookeeper root path for each different dremio cluster. But it seems that it can only be the default dremio, or I did not find the corresponding configuration.

Does Dremio provide a solution for configuring the zookeeper root path?

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U can add “/dremio2/” at the last of zk url!
zookeeper: “host1:2181,host2:2181,host3:2181/dremio2/”

@alex.shi @thirdparty-core the path needs to end with /dremio

See documentation below

@alex.shi @balaji.ramaswamy Thank you two, I have solved it according to what the two said.