How to configure dremio-env file with a k8s installation of dremio?


According to utilize more than 16 gb of ram on executors with more than 16 gb of ram a values has to be set in the dremio-env file. Dremio
Do I have to create a custom image for this or is this something that can be set in the config yaml file … or in the web UI?

Please use our helm charts for a k8s installation located here: dremio-cloud-tools/charts/dremio_v2 at master · dremio/dremio-cloud-tools · GitHub

If you look at the code in the templates, you see that direct memory configuration is done automatically based on values you put in values.yaml. See: dremio-cloud-tools/_helpers_executor.tpl at e545345f9ac1f3c8e3b4bfdc32cbe8211eb9ce89 · dremio/dremio-cloud-tools · GitHub

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Thanks, @lenoyjacob.
we have indeed used the helm chart you are referring to.

gotcha … that also explains the different values
In the values.yaml file (executor memory set to 16384) and
In the pod the env variable ( DREMIO_MAX_DIRECT_MEMORY_SIZE_MB=10240)