How to report bugs?

I recently deployed a dremio instance, and I ran into a couple of minor problems during the deployment. Nothing big, I could find workaround, and I think it would be best to update the documentation accordingly:

  1. The IAM policy (the one with “Action”: [ “iam:GetRole”, “iam:PassRole”) needed to be edited into the original (the bigger one) to work. When I had two, I couldn’t get to the set up after doing the next-next-finish in the instructions

  2. The security group needs to have another rule for the NFS to work (inbound on port 2049)

Also: the interface does not accept emails in the new domains (e.g. email with Are there plans to fix that?

I tried the contact in the top right part of the screen, and seems to be geared towards sales, which I don’t think is the right people to fix these things.