Let Users Submit Bug Reports to JIRA (for local users to report issues to your own teams)

For those of you willing to dig into the code a bit, I thought I’d share this recent find.

You can enable a setting that exposes a “Report a Bug” menu option, it also shows up as a button when an error pops up on screen Out of the box CE code is hard coded to the private Dremio Jira board, but if you have Jira locally, or another tracking system that supports creating tickets through a URL, you can customize the URL it builds and let users submit bugs directly from the UI with a lot of properties/error details included.

Add to dremio.conf: debug.bug.filing.enabled: true

Code you will need to modify, either with your own Jira URL, or if you want to try and hook this up to something else by customizing your own URL: dac/ui/src/utils/fileABug.js