How to unpick work in dremio

a) data is there
b) where did it come from (i.e. the connector and details)
c) how to get at the data when the UI fails? i.e just want the parquet files, disk access (obviously need to have perms to read but at least should know the paths).

What do you mean by “unpick”?

b) you can also click “edit original SQL” in the SQL console to see the source SQL. Enterprise Edition gives you the ability to see the lineage of a dataset, back to the source.
c) I think you mean the data reflections? if so, you can look at your cluster config to see where these are stored:

Does that help?

I mean, work backwords from the end data to the sources.

Part of the confusion on this one is that it was not obvious to me that a source was actually reading from HDFS and not a DB connection (it looked the same to me). So in fact, there was very little to see besides the path to the source within HDFS. The is issue is knowing the source type.

Yes, this is much easier in Enterprise Edition.

You can also dig through the query profile to see what the underlying source was.


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