I cannot query views

I have my physical tables and I created view to this physical tables.
I can query to these physical tables but when I tried to query the views I get:
“Table ‘Charquito.stg_novedades.v_actividad_epic_alumno’ not found”, and this is not a table, it is a view.

Could you help me?

There may be a connection issue with the underlying datasource. Can you provide any logs that may show more information?

What is the data source?

Also, you could try implementing the view as a virtual dataset in Dremio.

I created the views with HIVE
I used the command
CREATE VIEW v_actividad_epic_alumno AS select …
With hive I can see, but with dremio, no

@dsidi - Hive views are currently not supported in Dremio.
You’d have to implement them as VDS (Virtual Dataset) in Dremio by using one of the following options:

  2. New Query -> Save As

Any idea if they will be supported?

@Antauri we’re considering but haven’t finalized either way. We’ll reach out once we have some more clarity here.