I want to get Failure parsing the query detail information

As we known, when user exec syntax SQL ,dremio can prompt to Failure parsing the query , but I want to get syntax detail information.


where I can get get syntax detail information?

@guozhihua Based on the SQL the error message should say that. Send us the profile and we can help


We’d also like this information It’s not provided in the job object. Is there another API to fetch it?

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@lukekim Is your request to print what was the exact syntax error?

@balaji.ramaswamy all levels, ideally.

  • First just print the exact syntax error.
  • Second get the Calcite exception.
  • Third provide input to a Monaco editor so we can do syntax highlighting.

@balaji.ramaswamy following up. Is any deeper level of parsing error detail available than what the jobs API produces today?

@lukekim Not today, this is useful feedback, let me forward to product management

Thanks a lot

@balaji.ramaswamy this would be our top feature request. To basically get the “PARSE_ERROR” by API.