Identifying the caller of the REST API

I couldn’t find anything blatantly obvious, but I noted that when looking at Jobs, the job identifies itt as being initated via the REST API.

Is there any way, or any plan to identify either the calling IP, or indeed to allow identification of the caling ‘app’.

For example if I call from PHP, and from a separate Python app, I’d liek to know which was initiated by the two respectively.

Is it possible?

@spireite Can you check access.log and there should be an IP listed, can you confirm if that IP is your Python client IP?

Yeah, it’s there. It’s be helopful if it was displayed in the Jobs list in the UI though.

I don’t really want to be having put in some extra stack like TIG for example…

@spireite provided feedback to product team

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy should be a quick win.