In dremio to Qlik Sense, "Arrow Flight SQL Driver"

In dremio to Qlik Sense, we are using “Arrow Flight SQL Driver” driver which you suggest and it showing this error while loading one table (VDS) from dremio,

QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: SQL##f- SqlState: $1000, ErrorCode: 100, ErrorMsg: [Apache Arrow] [Dremio Server] (100) bad conversion: LOAD id, operationld, projectid, tailNo, documentTypeld, flightNo, “documentName”, sourcePath, stagingAreaPath, processStartTime, processEndTime, status, createdAt, updatedAt

@mevadadhruv Has this created a job under the UI jobs page? Are you able to download the profile and send it over? What happens if you try to query this table via the Dremio UI or over a regular JDBC connection like DBeaver?

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yes through dremio to qlik sense, profile? in dremio ui i’m able to run, but if i load that data in qlik sense via Arrow Flight SQL Driver (ODBC Driver) i’m not able to load that data in qlik sense, and we didn’t discover DBeaver!


@balaji.ramaswamy ???

@mevadadhruv After the job fails via Arrow Flight SQL Driver, can you see if it has generated a job on the Dremio side and if yes, download the profile

Not following your DBeaver question, are you going to test with DBeaver?

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Good Morning @balaji.ramaswamy,

  1. profile what do you mean by that !
  2. in dremio i have created vds that’s why i’m able to load in qlik sense, job (loading vds in qlik sense) fails in qlik sense to load data."
  3. in DBeaver, i’m able to connect dremio in it!

but i don’t know connect here in qlik sense

@mevadadhruv For every job you run from Qlik or DBeaver, the moment the job hits Dremio there will be a job and profle created on the Dremio end. So I want to know if the job fails even before hitting Dremio or it starts running and then fails. That is why I would like to see if there is a profile created

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this one @balaji.ramaswamy ?

Good afternoon, @balaji.ramaswamy ?

Hi @mevadadhruv

Sorry for the delay in reply, it does look like the client is sending the cancellation request, you can see if there is either a query timeout or fetch size set on the client side. On the screen you pasted, can you please scroll on the left hand side and scroll down and click on download profile? It will download a zip file with a 16 digit UUID as its name, please attach that

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Good Morning @balaji.ramaswamy , yah no problem ,
zip file :- (35.9 KB)

@balaji.ramaswamy , hi now i’m having errors in small execution (17.5 KB)

@mevadadhruv There is a know issue with the Arrow Flight SQL Driver that we are working on. Let me confirm if this is the same issue

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@balaji.ramaswamy, okay! But we are Hoping this to be Solved!, or else same solution is there, then let us know please.

hi @balaji.ramaswamy, is there any update on this please?

@mevadadhruv The query is cancelled after about 404087 rows. Can you check if there is fetch or record limit set? Does it always get cancelled at this record count?

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@balaji.ramaswamy hi, Good Morning Happy New Year, no there no limit in dremio side because we have tried 2cr records data!

@mevadadhruv Dremio does not enforce limit when queries via ODBC/JDBC, can you check if on the Qlik Sense side there is a fetch limit set. For example Tableau or DBeaver have one by default

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i also checked with qlik sense and i have loaded that 2c data in qlik sense

Good Morning @balaji.ramaswamy