Is there a way to try out Dremio with on-premise data(HDFS)?

I watched your videos and read your tech blogs/articles on your web. I wonder if it is possible to try out for free with on-premise data(HDFS)? As an engineer to make a proposal to the management team to adopt Dremio, we need some in-house experiement data. To have these data, we need to try for free. But I only see you have a free trial on AWS. This becomes a chicken & egg problem for adoption.

Hi @xinlishang ,
Welcome to the Dremio community, we are happy that you have deicded to try out Dremio, there is a community edition available for on-prem, please check below URL

Let me know if you are facing any issues downloading.


Do you know if Dremio can be used only for a read-only query engine?


Dremio does not mutate any data and is only a query engine, we have a few features where you can write back query results back to the lake but that needs to be configured, so out of the box it is certainly read only