Viability of Dremio Software (not Cloud edition) on AWS

Hi All,

I’m planning on deploying Dremio on AWS EC2 and S3 Bucket.

Dremio Cloud Enterprise Edition costs money, but the Dremio Software (i.e. dremio/dremio-oss on Dockerhub) contains the same features, and is free. (I need the features exclusive to Enterprise Edition).

I am wondering if anyone has experience or opinions about deploying Dremio’s free Dremio Software on AWS using Docker, instead of paying for Dremio Cloud Enterprise Edition.


Hi, I have pretty good experience to work with dremio on EKS.
The only real issues is any ee level security.
CE versions do not have

  • ldap integration
  • sso
  • ssim
  • any user impersonation when work with s3 or glue.
    Also workload managment with different engines based on k8s statefullset configuration and manual configured queues is not so friendly.
    As aws edition workload management.

@colet Do you need the above mentioned features that @GrigorievNick has listed?