Viability of Dremio Software (not Cloud edition) on AWS

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I’m planning on deploying Dremio on AWS EC2 and S3 Bucket.

Dremio Cloud Enterprise Edition costs money, but the Dremio Software (i.e. dremio/dremio-oss on Dockerhub) contains the same features, and is free. (I need the features exclusive to Enterprise Edition).

I am wondering if anyone has experience or opinions about deploying Dremio’s free Dremio Software on AWS using Docker, instead of paying for Dremio Cloud Enterprise Edition.


Hi, I have pretty good experience to work with dremio on EKS.
The only real issues is any ee level security.
CE versions do not have

  • ldap integration
  • sso
  • ssim
  • any user impersonation when work with s3 or glue.
    Also workload managment with different engines based on k8s statefullset configuration and manual configured queues is not so friendly.
    As aws edition workload management.

@colet Do you need the above mentioned features that @GrigorievNick has listed?

Hi @colet.

Before you progress any further, it might be worthwhile getting confirmation from a Dremio representative like @balaji.ramaswamy regarding the direction of Dremio Software. My suspicions are that Dremio will no longer be offering any self managed Dremio Software for free any longer.

Looking at Dremio’s pricing page, it looks like Dremio Software no longer has a free option. The only free option that remains looks to be the hosted Dremio Cloud offering which I suspect would be severely resource constrained to encourage users to upgrade to a paid subscription.

The odbc driver’s download page is now also no longer offering the odbc driver for download, asking users to email the sales department instead. As a guess, Dremio will no longer be offering the odbc driver to any existing Dremio Software users that do not have a Dremio Software Enterprise subscription.

@balaji.ramaswamy, can you confirm whether my observations about Dremio’s commercial direction are accurate? If so, it would be good if you could let us know earlier rather than later. It would save someone like @colet’s time figuring out the deployment and interconnectivity requirements only for Dremio to remove the availability of future versions not too far down the line.

It would also save someone like me the embarrassment at my place of work by no longer continually pushing Dremio to our management and give me an opportunity to find an off ramp to the Dremio hype I’ve generated at my place of work so far.


Hi @asdf01,

I am on the Product team @Dremio and wanted to clarify the points you raise.

  • Dremio Cloud is powerful - the engines run in the customers AWS account which makes it possible to have a forever-free Dremio version. I encourage you to give it a try - we are always interested in feedback.

  • Dremio Software Community Edition is available and was just updated to v22 even though that wasn’t clear from our pricing page.

  • A new ODBC driver will be posted very soon. Not just free, but 100% open source, and powered by Apache Arrow Flight SQL

If you have additional questions or clarifications you can reach me at

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New ODBC Driver here (Windows 64-bit & Linux) - ODBC Driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL | Dremio

Hi @mlyons.

Thanks for weighing in and allaying some of the fears we had. Our hearts skipped a beat and feared the worst when we discovered the free option had disappeared from the Dremio pricing page and the odbc driver download links had also disappeared.

After my fear ladened comment above, @Manny had responded to the odbc driver request with the download links via email. Very handy. Thanks @Manny.

Today, it looks like direct download links for the odbc drivers are once again available on Dremio’s website. This is great news. Reflecting back, it looks like my panic was all much ado about nothing. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Given the current state of things, I will continue to push our company’s adoption of Dremio and continue to raise general awareness of Dremio.

Sorry for all the alarmist rhetoric.


Hi, @GrigorievNick , have you built something to deal with the absence of ldap integration / lack of security?
Something like custom proxy or restricting the UI access to some pages (like the users page).
My team is also running Dremio on EKS, so we are thinking about the possibilities.
Thanks in advance!
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