Is there a workaround for UUID's in postgres on secondary join

We are using a Postgres database as a datasource. We use uuids as pks in almost all of our tables.
Uuids where causing issues in the older versions, which could workaround using the ‘legacy dialect’ option.

‘ERROR: collations are not supported by type uuid’

However, now this option is gone, but the error is still there when using queries that join using an uuid.
select * table1 t1
inner join table2 t2 on =
inner join table3 t3 on =

The error happens with the second join, I’m guessing that Dremio doesn’t figure out this is a uuid and still adds the ordering with collate to the query.

Is there a workaround for this issue?


Would like to see what the push down is, can you please attach the job profile?