Postgres collation error only through JDBC

Running simple request to Postgress field with type “name”
works well from Dremio web UI
but fails from Dremio JDBC

select fnnspname
from custom.gp_toolkit.__gp_fullname t
where t.fnnspname = ‘pg_catalog’

On UI request dremio builds more complex request to Postgres and avoids collation on a field of type ‘name’ (10.5 КБ) (8.8 КБ)


The push down from JDBC seems to be different and that is causing the issue. Unfortunately we do not support Greenplum database as a source. I assume you are going via the Postgres connector. The issue is Greenplum uses an older version of PG too. You can enable the “Enable Legacy dialect” under the advanced options of the PG source but that will be very soon taken out as we have ported all functionality to our new “Advanced Relational Pushdown” connector.

If Greenplum is a requirement, you can build one using


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