Isolate Dremio Services in Kubernetes

Is there any possibility where we can isolate the dremio coordinator related services running on kubernetes(spinned up using Helm chart).

When Dremio is spinned up using Helm charts, there are 3 Kubernetes Services spinned up -
dremio-client - Inside this service, 3 ports are exposed: 31010(ODBC), 9047(WebUI), 32010(ArrowFlight).

Query: Is it possible to have dremio-client service splitted to 3 separate services - one for ODBC(Port 31010), Web UI(port 9047) and one service for ArrowFlight(Port 32010)?

Hey @ramprasd89 - you can do this by modifying this template here: dremio-cloud-tools/dremio-service-client.yaml at master · dremio/dremio-cloud-tools · GitHub

But just to understand better - may I know the use-case why you want to do this?

Hi @lenoyjacob - Thanks for the quick response!

In the template here - would you recommend us to have 3 different services by only altering the spec.ports.port, with each service having only their respective port/targetport/name parameters?

As requested, please find more details on the use case below:

We have deployed Dremio on an AKS cluster and have exposed the UI behind an Azure App Gateway, with WAF features enabled. The UI(exposed as a service - dremio-client - on port 9047) is accessible behind the App Gateway without any issues, however when we tried to establish ArrowFlight connection(which is again exposed on same service - dremio-client - on port 32010), there were issues with the App GW not being able to realize the HTTP2 protocol, arrowflight uses. As a result, we were forced to split the “dremio-client” into 2 - one for the UI(port 9047 and routed through AppGW) and the other for arrowflight connection(port 32010 and routed through layer 4 LoadBalancer). Hence the need for splitting the services.

More details could be found in the ticket here - Accessing Dremio running behind App Gateway from Superset