Issues after dremio cluster servers restart

Hi Team

I have Installed Dremio on CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) using the following method and it worked fine until I restarted the server. After I restarted the server I came across an issue where the Dremio service did not automatically restart and I had to manually start it. Once the service manually starts it creates a set of files under /tmp directory due to continuous file creation and this, in turn, is causing a low disk space issue which is causing the server to stop responding. So each time I restart the server I need to do a fresh installation of Dremio and create a new user on the web interface.

sudo groupadd -r dremio
sudo useradd -r -g dremio -d /var/lib/dremio -s /sbin/nologin dremio
sudo mkdir /opt/dremio
sudo mkdir /opt/dremio/log && sudo chown dremio : dremio /opt/dremio/log
sudo mkdir /opt/dremio/run && sudo chown dremio : dremio /opt/dremio/run
sudo mkdir /opt/dremio/data && sudo chown dremio : dremio /opt/dremio/data
# Latest version link can be obtained on under 'TAR'
cd /tmp
wget https : //
sudo tar -xvf dremio-community-LATEST.tar.gz -C /opt/dremio/ --strip-components=1
sudo ln -s /opt/dremio/conf /etc/dremio
sudo cp /opt/dremio/share/dremio.service /etc/systemd/system/dremio.service
# Add service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start dremio
# Optionally, set Dremio service to start on boot:
sudo systemctl enable dremio


We add temporary files to /tmp. You can redirect that to a different folder(on a bigger mount) by setting the below in dremio-env


You have to restart Dremio