Issues with Vnet/Subnet when attempting network config

We are trying to deploy Dremio on Azure. Once we get to the Infrastructure settings, we encounter an issue when trying to setup the network configuration. For some reason, we aren’t able to use existing vnets/subnets; the existing vnets/subnets remain “greyed out” so we can’t select them. The only option we are given is to create new ones which is what we don’t want to do. Could someone please offer any feedback regarding this.

Also, there’s not really much documentation out there regarding the vnet/subnet requirements for this setup. Anyone have any suggestions for this as well? Thanks in advance!


We have actually addressed this in our upcoming release due in the next 2 weeks. Please keep an eye for a new version of the Community edition to be posted


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Thanks for your response Balaji. We will grab the latest community version when it comes out at the time you mentioned and try again.

Did you have any input regarding the vnet/subnet requirements?

Hello…any feedback regarding the vnet/subnet requirements? There are no clear requirements for vnet/subnet parameters. Before we can deploy that we would need clear requirements. Thanks in advance!


We are currently working on further addressing this issue. As of writing, the current minimum requirements is a VNET of size /16 with a subnet of size /26 with a minimum of 51 usable addresses.

We are working on reducing the VNET requirement down to match the subnet requirement as well.

Thanks for your prompt response. I ran this by my infrastructure team, and they had some concerns with these requirements…

First off, our VNETs are /17 so we can’t go with one with a size of /16 due to it’s massive address space…

Second, can Dremio use a /26 subnet in an existing VNET or does it require it’s own VNET with subnets inside of it?

Any feedback would be appreciated as we are pushing quickly to get Dremio installed onto our environment. Thanks in advance!

@SA2020 The Azure Marketplace listing has been updated to significantly reduce the size of the required VNET and subnet.

The minimum requirement for both the VNET and subnet are now /26. We do support using an existing subnet for a deployment.

Hope that helps!