Java using dreamio

Hi There,

I am new to dreamio, would like to know below,

In Java Application

  1. Process to connect to dremio
  2. Read the data and write to oracle database
  3. Configurations/Pooling if any

If someone can answer the above would be appreciated

  1. Dremio have a jdbc driver so you can connect as any other db.

  2. with dremio you only can read data from sources, you can create vds throgth api or via sql, also can store results as parquet files

  3. see driver options in first link

Thanks for reply @dacopan, appreciate it.

Since I am new to the dremio. It would be better if you can point me to an example.

Like say a Maven project which connects to Dremio
Read the data and write to oracle.

Thanks in Advance

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