JDBC connections with latest driver


I am able to initiate JDBC connections with our Dremio instance using the v3.0.6 driver. However, with the latest driver (20.1.0), I get this error:

Failure in connecting to Dremio: cdjd.com.dremio.exec.rpc.RpcException: HANDSHAKE_COMMUNICATION : [USER]: Channel closed null <--> null (user client)

Any ideas?

@ajit Any chance your client JDK version is not 8?

There’s an older thread, where balaji covered it (depending on your java version):

Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy and @wundi. I had JDK 19, but downgrading to JDK 11 fixes the issue. The reflection setting isn’t even needed to be set explicitly.

Appreciate the quick turnaround!

@ajit Glad it works

@wundi Thanks a lot for pitching in

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