Kubernetes elastic engine in Community Edition

Hi, following the docs and UI, I don’t see Dremio supports Elastic Engines using Kubernetes.

Do you have any plan to add this?


@chulucninh09 When you say elastic engines, is this for auto scaling or routing specific queries (via queues) to specific executors

@balaji.ramaswamy yes it is, on-prem version in general doesn’t provide support for Kubernetes as the following screenshot. Is only YARN is supported right now?

@chulucninh09 For K8’s you have to go via the docker image and Helm charts

@balaji.ramaswamy as my understanding, k8s is the deployment model for dremio cluster.

My concern is how can I create engines with k8s and auto start/stop those engines for particular queues and workload?

@chulucninh09 Auto stop and start is only available in the AWS edition but you can still direct queries to different engines in K8’s, let me get back on that

Hi Balaji,

Is it possible to have elastics engines when Dremio is deployed on Kuberenetes using AKS or EKS

@unni Do you need to route queries to specific standalone executors?