Dremio in GKE with Kubernetes

Is possible deploy dremio in GKE using the google bucket to store and Kubernetes? Someone can make an tutorial explaning how?


@jonathanbisp I am checking internally and will get back to you shortly

So, did you find an answer?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@jonathanbisp GCS connector is supported as a preview feature starting V16, The AWS edition for 16 is still not out, as far as Kubernetes goes, you should be able to run Dremio on GKE

@balaji.ramaswamy so, i need wait the new dremio release (v16), to be able deploy complete dremio service on google cloud?

@jonathanbisp You should be able to deploy Dremio on GKE but to use GCS as a connector the preview version is only on 17