Legacy Dremio odbc driver for ubuntu

I am working with apache superset version 1.4.0, which has a dependency on sqlalchemy_dremio version 1.2.0 which requires Dremio’s legacy ODBC driver. More info can be found in the URL sqlalchemy-dremio · PyPI. I could not get the Dremio’s legacy ODBC driver anywhere in the internet. Please let me know from where I can download the Dremio’s legacy ODBC driver. I am on ubuntu 20.0.4.

FYI, the latest version of apache superset, which has a dependency on sqlalchemy_dremio version 2.0.2 does not depend on the Dremio’s legacy ODBC driver. Instead it depends on the arrow flight drivers. However, using the latest versions of apache superset and sqlalchemy_dremio version 2.0.2, I am not able to talk to Dremio from apache superset. That’s the main reason I am in need of the Dremio’s legacy ODBC driver.

Alternatively, if anyone has a successful working environment of apache superset with dremio, please let me know the versions that you use. If possible, please share the dockerfile that you have used for apache superset which may have the installation of the necessary drivers.

Thanks for you help.

@RamuR Let me find out and get back to you

Yes, I have the same issue too. I cannot connect to Dremio using sqlalchemy_dremio version 2.0.2. It will prompt the following error.

ERROR: gRPC returned unavailable error, with message: failed to connect to all addresses