List files from a dataset?


Once a directory has been converted into a dataset, is there a way to display the list all the files in this directory ?
Either with the UI or with a special field available in the dataset, both would be great !

Hive provides the “INPUT__FILE__NAME” field for instance.



There is currently no way to get a list of all the files once a folder has been promoted. You can select individual files using SQL but in the UI we don’t have a way to do that yet.

Hi @doron, what do you mean by :

If you promoted source.folder and folder contains file1, you should still be able to run select * from source.folder.file1. even if folder is a dataset.

Understood, thx for your answers @doron !
But I still hope to see evolutions on the UI and something like Hive’s INPUT__FILE__NAME in a near future :wink: