Local File System

Hi All,
Is there a way to Show files from the local FS in Dremio? Like the storage Plugin in Drill?




You can always mount as NAS and then browse through the folder but the minute you promote the parent folder it turns into a Dremio Physical data set and then you would not be able to see the files but can use SQL on the dataset


From performance POV, using NAS as Data Source is same as using local files?
Or is there some protocol used that limit the performance?

@shai.bet Dremio has only published performance requirements for using NAS to store metadata, in general local SSD/NVMe’s disks are fast while there are some NAS solutions that are high performant. If you see high wait times on queries when data is on NAS, then that is an issue. You can open the job profile and check for wait times under operator metrics

What high performance solution (type of data source) do you suggest for using local SSD/NVMe storage?

@shai.bet The performance numbers should be published, like for example in Azure you can refer to the below link