Localhost works but not my IPaddress - dremio master

I have a single master node c4.2x instance , and I followed the github to install Dremio. I am changing this file https://github.com/dremio/dremio-oss/blob/master/distribution/resources/src/main/resources/conf/dremio.conf

and when I publish to “localhost” do a curl it works, same works when I publish to my IP address (only curl from my instance like curl ipaddress:9047)

but from my browser I cannot acccess Ipaddress:9047 (SG’s are open), I checked for all the system level possibilities including iptables, selinux etc

Apache webserver running on the same instance shows up in the browser on port 80

Am I missing something here ?

i went thru their demo and loaded it all up. had the same issue and I believe I fixed it making sure /etc/hosts had an entry “ipaddress machinename” and bouncing http server. fun stuff pho sure.