Map types in Iceberg tables are not discovered

I have an Iceberg table stored in S3 and accessed through the AWS Glue catalog. The table schema uses Iceberg Map types. When a column at the top level is of Map type, it is excluded from the results of a Dremio DESCRIBE query. When the column is nested within a struct, the entire top-level column is excluded from the DESCRIBE query.

Why is this?

@jamesphilipps Dremio currently does not support map data type and the feature is getting worked on currently. Please watch release notes in the upcoming versions and one of them should have it.

@balaji.ramaswamy thanks for the fast reply. Do you have any estimate on the ETA of this feature?

@jamesphilipps Not at this point, but in a few weeks will know. Would you be able to ping me in a month please?

@jamesphilipps Dremio has some support for MAP data types in V23.0