Max Rel Metadata call count exceeded

Anyone ever get this error “Max Rel Metadata call count exceeded” when running a query in the Dremio (onprem) SQL Runner?

I googled it and came up with nothing.

set planner.max_metadata_call_count bigger

Thank you.

Where do you set that value? I found some code in github that references that setting, but I wasn’t sure where it get’s set:

public static final LongValidator MAX_METADATA_CALL_COUNT =
      new LongValidator("planner.max_metadata_call_count", 10_000_000L);

Also, what are the implications of making this change?

Admin > Cluster > Support

@drew This was a guard rail introduced in 4.9.5 to guard against heap memory running out when the plan generates too many cache entries. What version of Dremio is this? Do you have a profile?

version 22.1.1-202208230402290397-a7010f28

See attached profile (48.8 KB)

I should mention that the underlying datasets in this query were a mix of tables and views. When I switched to all tables, this error went away.