Metadata Storage of Dremio

I want to know where is dremio metastore is present. I checked docs it is mentioned that paths.local is the directory. but in that directory we have metadata directory which contains info like this


how can i access this table. When I query in dremio like


where does dremio query?

@Ayush.goyal Metadata is stored in Key Value store called RocksDB, the best place to get table/column info is either the source or via information_schema.“tables” and information_schema.columns (via Dremio)

Can we use external db as Metastore? if yes Can it be deployed in stretch cluster using kubernetes?

@Ayush.goyal Currently external key value stores are not supported


Can Metastore db is supported in stretch cluster where we have multiple cluster and we want to run our db in one nodes of each cluster?

@Ayush.goyal Currently No, only one per Dremio cluster

@balaji.ramaswamy In kubernetes, that metastore store will be running at coordinator pod with secondary coordinator pod?

@Ayush.goyal In all deployments, the KV store will only be on the master coordinator, the secondary coordinator is only for planning and currently only supported for JDBC/ODBC queries