Microstrategy Web connection using JDBC with dremio not working


We are trying to connect Microstrategy with dremio using JDBC driver. Since there is no connector available for Microstrategy Web I am using JDBC driver connecting for generic database connection.
However I am getting below error.

(Database error <32>: JdbcConnectionWrapper::Connect failed. Error type: Jdbc error. Jdbc operation attempted: Connect. [:0: on SQLHANDLE] Failure in connecting to Dremio: cdjd.com.dremio.exec.rpc.RpcException: HANDSHAKE_COMMUNICATION : [USER]: Channel closed null ↔ null (user client))

we are using below connection string (path and dremio URL modified to hide the confidential details)


Here are system details

Microstrategy version : 11.3.9

Dremio Version: 24.3.2-202401241821100032-d2d8a497

Server JDK version:
openjdk version “1.8.0_402”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_402-b06)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.402-b06, mixed mode)

JDBC Driver version: dremio-jdbc-driver-24.2.2-202309281602050954-7d5e877f.jar

Can you please help on establishing this connectivity?

Hi @pankajrathod84,

Can you please help on establishing this connectivity?

For the connectivity itself, if that’s the problem, please work with your networking team. Some suggestions we can offer in regards to troubleshooting this are:

  1. Make sure you run the same Dremio and JDBC versions;
  2. Use telnet/curl or other networking utilities to connect on port 31010 and make sure that works, this way you troubleshoot the network by taking the JDBC Driver out of the picture. You can test the reverse connection too;
  3. You can use DBeaver or other tools to connect to Dremio from the same machine, and see if that works;
  4. You can add the below code to logback.xml to enable JDBC debug logging (make sure you restart Dremio for the change to apply), thus get more details within server.log when the connectivity attempt is made:
<logger name="com.dremio.exec.store.jdbc">
   <level value="${dremio.log.level:-debug}"/>

<logger name="com.dremio.exec.store.jdbc.dialect">
   <level value="${dremio.log.level:-debug}"/>

Thanks, Bogdan