Migrating Snowflake Iceberg catalog to Dremio Arctic

Hi all, this post on migrating Iceberg catalogs by Dipankar Mazumdar and Ajantha Bhat was excellent.
I’d like to know if anyone’s tried using the migration tool to migrate Iceberg tables from a Snowflake catalog to Dremio Arctic? It supports custom catalogs and Snowflake have an SDK for their catalog, so I think it’s OK? But it’s going to take me a long time to try it out!

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s tried this and can share their experience!

Thanks for reaching out.

I haven’t personally tried it with snowflake catalog.
But you can use
along with other catalog properties in --source-catalog-properties

might have to supplement the net.snowflake:snowflake-jdbc:3.13.28 jar in the classpath of the tool as mentioned in the doc you shared.
iceberg-spark-runtime jar is already packed inside the tool. So, you don’t need to provide it.

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Thank you! I’ll give that a try.