Multiple projects on same instance in AWS Dremio community edition?


Dremio Cloud has a feature of allowing multiple projects; is this available in AWS edition within a single EC2 instance?

When i try to create a second custom project in the same instance that is already having an existing project using the


it just takes me to the dremio login page and doesnt return the api call with a new project id and s3 bucket. Does this mean an EC2 instance in AWS can only have one project?


@Rafay @balaji.ramaswamy Would it be possible to answer the above? Hopefully it should be a fairly straightforward yes or no. If the answer is yes, we can have multiple projects, then would you be able to point me to how to create the additional project in the same ec2 instance on AWS?

@Muneer We do not support multiple projects on the same instance. You will have to manually clone the project. A single project can only run on one EC2 instance at a time.

Thanks for this @Rafay This was very useful to get the confirmation.