Nessie with Minio as Storage

I am trying to connect from Dremio Docker version to a standalone Nessie and Minio server. I am able to connect to Nessie, however I am not able to connect to Minio.

When i chose “No Authentication”, I am able to see the trace in Minio indicating credentials are not present. This indicates i have opened the appropriate ports in docker. I have set up the connection properties through the console. Partial list displayed below

I believe the issue could be due to “Enable compatibility mode” setting not available when you are setting up the source through Nessie. Is there a way to set this just like the other properties.

Hey there

There are 2 things you need to update in the above settings for storage.

  1. Set the “Authentication method” to “AWS Access Key”,

  2. For the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY values use minioadmin and minioadmin, respectively.

Here is a blog with more info on configuring Dremio, Nessie and MinIO