Cannot connect to minio

Following this: quick-guides-from-dremio/ at main · developer-advocacy-dremio/quick-guides-from-dremio · GitHub

Got MinIO setup and running locally per the instructions.

Trying to setup minio as s3 source in Dremio I am getting “Could not connect to S3 source. Check your S3 data source settings and credentials.”

These are the instructions I’m following:

Setup Dremio Source

Get to Dremio dashboard then:

  • Create a New Source
  • Select S3
  • Put in the access and secret key from minio, uncheck the encrypted checkbox
  • head over to the advanced section and check off compatibility mode
  • in the connection settings in the advanced section add the follow properties
    • set to true
    • fs.s3a.endpoint set to the API address of your Minio server example (without http://)

Confirmed access to Minio via AWS CLI.

FYI: I changed the dremio “platform” in docker-compose.yml to linux/amd64 so it would run on my M1 MacBook. I also tried running on an AWS EC2 machine with the default linux/x86_64 platform and got the same failure, so the change of platform doesn’t appear to be the issue.


Fixed issues with docker networking.

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