Not able to join VDM

Hi ,
I did windows local Dremio installation and uploaded three xls files and created three PDM.

  1. Master Data
  2. Product actuals
  3. product planned
    Then created three VDM for the same:

  4. Actuals
  5. Plan Data
    My intention is to create join between all three VDM. So first I clicked upon “Actuals” VDM then clicked upon Join icon. Then when I try to open my space my VDM’s are not listed I could see only the PDM at my Root level.

    not sure why my VDM is not listed. AM I missing something here?
    Thanks & Regards

Hi ,
Can anyone help me here? Currently we are evaluating Dremio for our project.In our POC basic Join and union operation itself has issues .This has put lot of questions in our mind …it will be great if someone help us here.


As a tip, you could create a VDS that is a join of the three PDS. It isn’t necessary to first create a VDS before creating the join.

That aside, not sure what is happening. Did you create your VDS with the same user?

Can you try making your files accessible via the local filesystem instead of uploading into Dremio? You can read more about how to do this here:


Hi Kelly,
Thanks for quick response, you do a great job by helping people and I am a big fan of you…
Coming to my question

  1. The erason for creating VDS 1st is, we are planning for a structured development process guideline. As a part of it we have to clean up the data first before we do any join operation.
  2. I am not sure about accessing data from local file system, will try exploring it. But in our current POC scope we have to upload it to Dremio only in the case it will not work we will re consider that option.


  1. OK, that makes sense. :slight_smile:

  2. When you upload files to Dremio they are private to the user. Other users will not be able to see the data there. When you access data through any of the connectors, including the local file system, then 1) everyone can access them, and 2) you can update the data and Dremio will always see the latest.

Thanks Kelly ,I get you now, but in my case it was me who uploaded the data to dremio and created PDM ,VDM and then tried to join them . So I am not sure access comes into picture.

One stupid question- I have installed Dremio in my Laptop which is very much limited in terms of recourses . Will that come into play here?


Yes, Dremio is designed for cluster deployments with plenty of memory across many instances. The single node downloads are for trying Dremio out.

You might have a better experience in Dremio University, and that will give you a private instance for 48 hours.

I have completed my Dremio fundamentals and Reflection Certifications … It was very useful, but believe me even there I faced many issues .
We are setting up our Dremio instance in a distributed landscape, should be ready sooner.
I have posted another question regarding the UNION operations in Dremio can you check and help me :slight_smile: