Not able to see Roles option in dremio software installed in AKS server

Hi All,

I am trying to assign roles to user to check how the views can be controlled based on roles. But I am not able to see Role menu in Dremio tool

I tried to create role using API ‘/api/v3/role’ which is not working as expected it throws 404 page not found error. Please guide me how to set roles for users in Dremio in community edition.

I am using below version of Dremio

Community Edition
Build Time
01/24/2024 18:37:16


The “Role” menu isn’t showing up, and you’re getting a 404 error when trying to use the API.

Here’s the thing: assigning roles to users is a feature that usually comes with the paid version of Dremio, the Enterprise Edition. The free Community Edition has some limitations when it comes to fancy user and role stuff.

You can double-check this in the Dremio docs or by reaching out to their support team. If you really need those role-based controls, you might have to consider upgrading to the Enterprise Edition.

Now, for the good news! Even in the Community Edition, you can still create users and give them basic permissions. It might not be the super-detailed role system you were hoping for, but it’s a start.

If upgrading isn’t on the table, there are other ways you can manage access. You could try setting permissions for each dataset individually for each user, or you could look into using separate tools to control access altogether.

Hopefully, this helps!