ODBC Drivers Download

Any reason why ODBC drivers are not downloadable @ Drivers | Dremio


Yeah, I have the same question.

What the deal with having to send a email to get ODBC drivers.

I just got a new laptop at work and have to setup new ODBC connection not sure why I have to request this through an email.


This is currently breaking a few docker builds of ours.

Could you please let us know whether they will be made publicly available again? :pray:

I’m having the same issue. Does anyone have the latest Debian release they could put on Google Drive or something?

I spoke with support and they made it seem like it was an accident? But the way it is elsewhere on the site doesn’t seem like an accident.


I am right now looking for these drivers and they vanished!!

Without those the SQLAlchemy Dremio library is broken…

Same problem here. @balaji.ramaswamy, do you know what is the problem?

We have some docker builds breaking.

The page linked by @vrb above shows you should contact some email to get the drivers, but when I tried, I got the following response:

This will acknowledge your request for the ODBC driver. We are unable to identify you or your organization as a Dremio Customer in our internal systems. Please confirm that you are a Dremio Customer and that you are requesting the ODBC driver in conjunction with your usage of Dremio Software. In your reply, please also provide the email address that you use to log into Dremio Software, as well as your organization’s account name (not your personal contact information). We will follow up after you have provided, and we have validated, your information.

So seems like their new business model is to limit ODBC driver to cloud Dremio users only.

In fact our company wanted to buy paid support for the OSS version of dremio which they don’t sell. If they want to sell the ODBC driver, it would be acceptable too, but there is no such option.

@eduardoslopes Checking on this …

Hi all, the dbt-dremio adapter for dbt is currently based on this odbc driver…
I envisionned to switch it to an API connection to let users create folders, but it seems I might have to work on this sooner.
Could you please confirm dremio will restrict odbc usage to commercial offers ?


Hi @balaji.ramaswamy, we are also unable to get ODBC drivers for a application we are trying to connect to Dremio. Could you please let us know how/where we can get them.

Ok @balaji.ramaswamy. When you have any updates, please update us.

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Hey, just to add to the chorus, we are getting ready to deploy a ETL pipeline that uses Dremio in production and we are unable to build some Docker images without the Linux and Windows odbc.

Looking forward to any update


Wondered why my builds were failing, and discovered they were no longer available to download.

I have to ask the question… why?

I’m a user of @fetanchaud’s dbt-dremio adapter, which is why I’m using it.

Fortunately, I had a copy elsewhere so have included in my repo and modfied my piepline to install from there.

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Hi @spireite , thank you for using dbt-dremio ! I am trying to switch to a flight connection. I will let you know.


@spireite @fetanchaud @rmoretto @eduardoslopes @Sukku

To Dremio Community Members: we regret that the ODBC driver is not presently available on our website. We understand the pain that our customers may be experiencing, and we are working diligently to remediate the situation. We expect to have one or more solutions available by the end of June, with a lot of exciting new capabilities. Meanwhile, if you already have a copy of the ODBC driver, we will continue to provide support for its use in connection with Dremio’s application.- Dremio Support

Thank you @balaji.ramaswamy !
Could you please tell us if the odbc bridge will stay a community asset ?

Looking forward,

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Writing to follow up @balaji.ramaswamy’s post earlier on this thread. If you need the ODBC driver in order to access Dremio software, you should contact us via the button on our driver portal, and we can provide it. In your request, please confirm that you are requesting the ODBC driver for use in connection with Dremio software. In addition, please provide some form of proof that you are using Dremio software, such as a screenshot of your Dremio installation, the Dremio login screen from your installation, a Dremio query profile, etc.

Please note that if you want to connect to Dremio via Python/Pandas, you can connect directly with pyarrow (without the overhead of pyodbc). Documentation and an example on how to do this is available here, Dremio.


New ODBC Driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL (Windows 64-bit & Linux):

Downside is that you HAVE to upgrade to Dremio 22.x to use it…