PBI x Dremio Cloud Arctic - Error

We tried connecting Power Bi to our Dremio Cloud for testing and when we try to get the data from a VDS inside a ARCTIC catalog it shows on PBI a message “No columns were visible”…


The power bi file was even downloaded using the Dremio Cloud - Analyze With - interface.

Is this a known issue? How can we fix this?

@Mauricio_Macri Is it possible to copy and paste the error so we can do a Google translate to English to see what the error means

Here is the message in english.

From what we saw this problem with arctic is happening only on PBI.

We tested on Tableau, aswell, but it worked.


@balaji.ramaswamy Hello! Did you guys managed to check the error that I sent above? Any news about this?

Hi @Mauricio_Macri - thanks for sharing the screenshot of the error message. Could you please confirm the PBI version you are using and also if you are using the gateway?

I’m using the october/2023 PBI version.


I’m not using a gateway at the moment.

I used for testing both Dremio options inside the PBI (Dremio Software and Dremio Cloud) and the ODBC Arrow Flight Driver.

All three can connect to the Cloud environment but the same problem is happening.

When trying to see / get the data of the VDS inside the ARCTIC catalog there is this error, saying that no fields were found.

From what we saw, this issue is happening only with data inside the arctic catalog.

I tried connecting to Dremio Cloud using DBEAVER aswell, with the legacy JDBC, driver and had no issue seeing / querying the data of the same table.

Thanks @Mauricio_Macri for sharing the requested information. Please allow us some time to repro the same on our end. We will get back to you with more details.

Ok. I will be waiting then.

Hi @Mauricio_Macri
I discussed this with your colleague, but following up here as well in case others come across this issue. This seems to be an issue with having an underscore “_” in the schema/table name. We have a fix for this in progress and it should be released soon.

Thanks for the answer.
We were able to test, creating a new catalog without the underscore, and it worked.
In parallel we will be waiting for the fix.