Persist dremio docker - path /opt/dremio/data not writable


I am running dremio docker. Currently I am trying to persist the data as described here.

I get the following error: “Dremio is exiting. Failure while starting services. path /opt/dremio/data is not writable.”

As solution with docker compose is described here

Is there a solution without using docker compose?

Just found the solution myself. You need to use a named volume:

docker run --rm -v name:/opt/dremio/data -p 9047:9047 -p 31010:31010 -p 45678:45678 dremio/dremio-oss

In this case the docker data ist stored in /opt/dremio/data.

@ygpatrick Glad you found the issue, more importantly, thanks a lot for sharing the solution so the community can benefit