Possible View of Dremio Roadmap

Hi Dremio Team,

I am becoming a real fan of Dremio and the possibilities it opens up. Saying this, it would be terrific to get a view of the planned/proposed features or something similar. Would this be possible?


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We intend to use dremio, so we are also very concerned about the roadmap


Hey @Chris_du_Toit, @JoyJava, we look forward to discussing individual features or improvement requests via community threads and share any details and timing information as this is available. We understand the value of having this information available to our community so we’re also working on making tracking of upcoming features and improvements more transparent – this is targeted towards the end of this year. At this point, however, this is not something we’re publicly sharing.

Thanks @can, I am looking forward to the Roadmap when it comes.

Saying that, The one feature I would really appreciate is the ability to use WINDOW functions on RDBMS sources. Any idea if this is planned to be in one of the next few releases?

I’m reopening the topic because my superiors are also very interested by a roadmap,

Is there at the time any improvement about making it public ?