Preparing Results Takes A Long Time

Ever since I upgraded to version 2.1 I am getting slower response times at the following:

  1. Opening a view for editing takes longer
  2. Previewing results take longer

Has anyone been experiencing the same issue or is this just me? I am wondering if I am going to be forced to do a fresh install…

My environment: Chrome, Cloudera Cluster, 4 Nodes, Centos



Would you be able to share the preview job’s profile with us?

Okay, I just realised that queries preview also provide a job and a query profile. Here it is:

Query Preview Taking over 1 minute to (26.7 KB)

Laurent, we just realised that the equivalent query in SQL Server (select top 10000 * from table) takes roughly 30 seconds to complete. I guess this is an issue related to the size of the table (depth and width). Probably the best I can do is to limit the preview down to 1000 records or something like that.

Eveyone, my issue is effectively already captured and discussed here