Query timeout in web UI

How long is query timeout or whatever the name in the web UI?
I have a dataset which reading through thousands of parquet files (don’t ask me how they come, our engineer is still thinking in the meantime) which every time I try to read it, the query page always show either ‘Unexpected error’ or ‘504’. There is no way I can see the result directly from none other ‘Opening results’ from the job list.
I’ve tried to create a raw reflection from its data source, fully refreshing it, yet the preview result is still slow and ended only can be accessed by opening the job results.
Any idea? This is so time-consuming.

The timeout for the UI is 5 minutes - are you using previews or runs?

For the reflection - is the reflection being used? You can see in the jobs page if the query was accelerated:


Sorry for the late reply, it seems that the culprit was our ELB since our server is aliased through a domain name.
By default, the request time out is set only 5 minutes.
We’ve set it to match the query timeout limit and it works!

Thank you~