Problem - Restoring project - Dremio AWS 24.2.2

One of our clients had Dremio AWS - Enterprise (24.2.2) working normally.

He stopped his dremio project (Stop Project Button).

And he is trying to restore said project. But on the new Dremio AWS instance created, the ATTACH EBS step is giving the following error:

There were 2 tests… One with the same version of dremio (24.2.2) and the latest of version 24 available in the AWS Marketplace (24.2.10 if i’m not mistaken).

Do you guys have any idea why this happend? How can we fix it?

The log message just says that the process hasn’t exited and is not pointing in any direction for us to test / try a fix.

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Please, someone can help ?
The production environment is stopped !

@lucas.lavez Sorry for the delayed response, are you able to provide logs?