Redshift authentication and JDBC

I am trying to connect to our Redshift cluster with dremio. We use IAM authentication to connect usually for our BI tools so we need the latest JDBC driver and we use a slightly different jdbc URL. Dremio won’t connect. I get:

Failure while configuring source [Redshift Primary]. Info: Unavailable: Cannot create JDBC driver of class ‘’ for connect URL ‘jdbc:redshift:iam://data-*-:eu-west-1/customerview?Profile=****&DbUser=&DurationSeconds=900’

Note that I’ve obscured parts of the URL with **** for security purposes. My questions are:

  • can dremio connect to Redshift using IAM authentication?
  • how do we update JDBC drivers ?

@chrisb this configuration is currently not supported. Definitely on our radar – for my reference, what BI tool(s) are you using?

We use Microsoft PowerBI.